Words, Visuals, Ideas, Goals, Branding & Social Media 

AKA assistance with the creative process, as well as the desired final outcome. 



There is an art to healing, while art has the power to heal; I see no separation between the two. These 60 minute sessions are where you get clear on what you want to create, in addition to identifying anything that stands in the way of you making that happen. There is no one size fits all approach to the art of living well, which means that these sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you want to create an action plan for your new business or work on the subconscious belief systems keeping you from success, the variety of tools and practices used will help you reach your goal. Consistency and accountability are key, which means you will walk away with customized daily tools and homework. Together, we will hack your reality, so that you can live out your highest creative potential. See testimonials below. 

Sessions are available in person in Los Angeles or on Skype. 



Visual and written content for various social media channels, as well as websites and blogs. I provide aesthetic and branding consultations, as well as stylized photography and creative copy for influencers, brands and companies. Styling and story telling through these mediums is essential. 

If a need for something comes up that I can't provide, someone in my creative collective will most likely be perfect for it. 

Visual and written portfolios, as well as a client list, are coming soon. For rates, please email




“Working with Kenna is a radical experience in self love. Kenna connects you to the beliefs and wants of your highest self and is then somehow able to convey to your unconscious mind that you are worthy of them. She has been responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs of my life. She is the real deal.”  - Meagan, Film & TV Writer


"I've had about half a dozen sessions with Kenna over the last three years, and each has had a profound impact on my life. She's one of the most spiritually connected people I've ever met--my go-to for insight and guidance during difficult times. Over the years, she's helped me heal trauma, body issues, low self-esteem and manifest jobs (literally within 24 hours) using her tailored combo of spiritual techniques. What I love most is that she has her feet firmly on the ground, while her head is off in some other dimension. She communicates so much empathy and intelligence; I felt instantly at ease in her company, despite my being a weirdo introvert. I've had plenty of "readings" and seen countless practitioners, but Kenna's the only one I keep coming back to. That's because what she does really works and has had a measurable, lasting impact on my life." - Anna, Film & TV Writer


"My one on one sessions with Kenna have been grounding and insightful. Kenna's presence is calming from the get-go and her warm, empathic nature is on full display as she talks with me about what I experience and what I want to accomplish. During the sessions I feel safe and cared for by her, which allows me to surrender into deeply connecting with my body. I leave sessions with Kenna more aware of my thoughts and thought blockages, more in tune with my body and more in sync with my healing journey." - Courtney, Actress & Director