“Fearlessly accept the REALITY; then fearlessly set about transforming what needs to change.” - Elena Brower

Another Reality is the place for subconscious sourced alchemy, serving as a portal into your unconscious mind and body. By blending the wisdom of traditional Hypnosis, NLP, Neuroscience, Kundalini Yoga and Somatic Therapy, we have created an integrative approach to rewriting one’s cellular narrative and ultimately, the story that becomes their life.

While Hypnosis has gotten a bad rep, leaving people to immediately conjure up an image of an old man with a clock, most people don’t realize that they are being hypnotized all day long—by the voice in their head and everything around them. By using altered brain states, deep body knowledge and the imaginative power of neuroscience, we can hypnotize ourselves into a new existence, one free of stuck emotions, negative habits, traumas and deep limiting beliefs. Unlike what we’ve been told, we can curate the subconscious directing it through a hypnotic template, in order to set ourselves free.