Plutonian Reality

Photo by Delfina Carmona

Photo by Delfina Carmona

Holy Pluto! Currently Mercury and Mars are opposing Pluto in Capricorn and the energy is INTENSE. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and the human psyche; the planet of death, rebirth, sexuality and transformation. As someone with a very heavy Pluto influence in her chart, who frequently lives on Pluto lines, I thought we could make the most of the cosmos. I’ve created a hypnotic recording with Pluto in mind, where you can harness the potent planet’s energy and use it for transformation.

Grab your headphones and an (optional) eye mask, and press play.

Once completed, journal about what came up for you during the recording. Tate note of the wisdom Pluto and your subconscious offered up, and then tune into how you can continue this process of transformation.

Kenna ConwayComment