list of lovely #28


Written to you from my sheepskin...


Earth + Element - Beautiful pottery made in Topanga, found via my friend, @wildmaven. 


Bluets - Oh the workings of Maggie Nelson's mind. This book is one of a kind. 


Addiction: a disease? - New article from Vice exploring the idea that addiction is not actually a disease. This once addict turned neuroscientist is basically saying everything I've been thinking for awhile and has the science to back it up. 


POT LA - My friend Mandy opened this rad pottery making shop on Echo Park Blvd. It's owned and managed by LA natives who are also women of color. Mandy makes everyone feel welcome and always has a good playlist going. Can't wait to try it!  


Maria Bernard - I don't follow many fashion bloggers but Maria's style is unique and on point.  



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