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Creating your reality. 


Calling it in. 

While there are different ways of looking at each of the mentioned phrases above, the most popular meaning seems to be getting what you want. Now it could also be said that we are actually manifesting every single second of every day—the good, the bad and the ugly. Like any words or ideas that become overused and eventually hash tagged, said words or ideas can begin to lose their meaning. Unfortunately social media often has a way of cheapening things. 

These ones in particular have quickly fallen into the category of gimmicky, cliched and irrelevant within the context of the current political/social climate. There is also a strong sub current of spiritual materialism and consumerism that is being pushed under the guise of said spiritual conquests. Thanks, Instagram. 

When all of the nonsense is stripped away, we are dealing with powerful stuff—the laws of the universe. Much like gravity, I believe there are core rules to manifesting that just are—your thoughts and belief systems work to co-create your reality. But I also think that there are personal variations to the process as well. As a result of each individual coming into this incarnation with different purposes and challenges, we will come up against different blocks and paths to higher consciousness. In addition, if we are to get everything that we want, how are we going to evolve? 

Like I said before, keeping in mind that everyone's journey here is different means there are different rules that will guide our experiences. In addition, I tend to see a lot of people who follow popular manifestation teachings become upset when their "manifestations aren't working." I've seen it create a lot of blame, comparison and anger towards self, so I wanted to address it. Here are some hacks that I have found over the years that work for me. A lot of this is pretty widespread info, found through various spiritual teachings, but I will try to keep it limited to my experience. Not everything that I have read seems to align with my beliefs, so I will touch upon that as well. 

THOUGHTS AND BELIEF SYSTEMS CREATE YOUR REALITY - Our thoughts are a reflection of our belief systems and vice versa; they are not separate. Yes, if your only plan for becoming wealthy is repeating, "I am rich," over and over again, you are probably not going to be prosperous any time soon. However, if you begin working with both your daily thoughts and general belief systems around money, you will have much better luck. I know that my thoughts create my reality because every single time I get on antidepressants and they begin to work, my manifestations flow in. 

BELIEF SYSTEMS ARE LAYERED (AND COMPLEX) - I worked with a modality called Theta Healing for years. It is a practice centered around our belief systems, using the Theta brainwave to rewire the brain.  I worked both privately and out of East Side LA healing center and continuously found the belief systems of my clients to seemingly fluctuate. Often, people would feel amazing for weeks after sessions, with manifestations flowing, moods elevated, only to eventually go back to their regular way of being. This showed me that belief systems have many layers, linked to complex network of pathways in the brain, which means we must actively and continuously work to change them. A lot of people came to me wanting quick fixes, hoping for me to do all of the work and that just isn't the way spiritual growth and evolution happens.

EGO - You can totally manifest with ego. I know TONS of people who do it. Just look at Trump and those very popular sisters! If you live in LA or NY, you know many successful people who barely know that they have a soul, never mind being aligned with it. Obviously it is much more honorable and interesting to manifest from your heart, but I know both are very possible. 

INSECURITY - Again, I know a lot of insecure people who manifest tons. In fact, I am one of them! I can pretty much make almost any person appear into my reality, whether I know them or not and people overwhelm me a lot of time (AKA fear and insecurity). I've also manifested jobs where I freak out because I don't know if I am good enough and yet, the universe just keeps delivering these opportunities for me to believe in myself. I did not have to wait until I felt worthy in order to have my desires come true. However romance seems to be an area of manifestation that requires me to raise my self worth before I can attract my ideal partner.  

Stay tuned for p.2 next week!

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