we are living in a time

where we turn people into gods 

lifestyles into #goals

visual definitions of what we want

what we need

ideas and concepts that are often to our detriment

i suppose there has always been a hierarchy to almost every kind of society. the exception would be socialist-driven communities or hippie communes, although I think the hierarchy, on some level, would probably still exist. it's what we naturally do as humans. 

however, in the time of information and social media, we have taken it to another level. influencers have become the new celebrity. artist's work, which was previously available in a studio or gallery, is now at our fingertips 24/7. for me, i have "worshipped" people for one of two reason: talent or a "cool" life. Body stuff comes up for me as well, but it's more of a I wish I had that kind of situation.

it's safe to say that placing people onto pedestals has not served me well. when i do this, i am viewing someone through the lens of my imagination, which is often way more interesting and dreamy than actual reality. this idea of perfection exists in my mind and my mind only. i've been lucky enough to get to know some of my favorite creatives, learning that they feel very similarly to the way i have felt--not enough, in doubt, afraid and sometimes unsure if they deserve to be called an artist. i've had glimpses into people's careers, behind the social media smoke and mirrors, only to find that they struggle with things such as deep insecurities, social anxiety and depression. women who have the most "enviable lives" and yet, they aren't that different from you or me. 

we know this, but it is often not until you become intimate with the BTS that it really sinks in. at least, that is how it's been for me. in addition, this kind of adoration is not only harmful to ourselves, but it is also pretty unfair to do this to other people. to place them in this very special light, up above yourself. they didn't ask for you to do that. we all know that they will never live up to that expectation or be the mirror image of the version you created in your head. we are all just human beings, doing the one step forward, two steps backwards dance. 

so how we see things on a more even playing field? 

how do we begin to drop this idea that people are better or worse than us?

there is nothing wrong with appreciating others on a deep level; to love someone's work or want to be more like those you look up to. but there is a line between appreciation and worship. perhaps it is a tricky one, something that isn't completely clear, but I think we always know. we are aware when we are giving our energy and power to someone else. seeing them in a way that isn't real. so if and when this happens, reel it in. call yourself out. attempt to see them as an extension of yourself. every person we admire is a reflection of our potential. i've always found that to be inspiring. 


photo: unknown


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