open to change

The ability to be flexible.

The willingness to accept what is happening, rather than striving for things to go your way. 




A consistent creative awakening of sorts, as you settle into each moment, again and again. 

It's really easy to get stuck in a routine. Habits of being, thinking, feeling, wanting, etc. To say I am this way or I like these things or my style is x. And while I understand that it is human nature to categorize ourselves, it opens the door to a static state. Looking at the way many approach social media is the perfect example of this. For the most part, popular accounts follow a specific color scheme and rarely veer from it. While I understand this from both a branding and aesthetic standpoint, I often feel stifled by it. Some days I feel like an f2, while on others I like m5, a6 or s2. While this can break up a sense of visual cohesion, it can also feel like an anti-creative way of operating. 

Of course, it's not just our Instagram profiles that can keep us contained; the possibility for containment is everywhere. I mean, it's so easy to decide how we want our lives to go. The kind of person we think we are. The lifestyle we want to lead. The people we aim to surround ourselves with. And while I am all for crafting visions, what would happen if we let all of that go?

What could our experience be if we allowed moment to moment inspiration to guide us, rather than being controlled by concepts and our inner control freak? 

I think it would lead to freedom. It would be a fluid path, one with water-like movement of thoughts, conversations, feelings, people, manifestations, dreams, ideas, etc. Being open to creativity in the present moment is a quick way to feel high, without the drugs; one of the fastest ways to get connected to something almighty, powerful and unnameable. The ultimate meditation. My favorite way of getting out of my head. 

If we can release our grip on life, we can then become receptive to everything. This way of being doesn't have to feel scary if we view it as a new door opening. A portal into something that is so well suited for you and only you, during this particular moment of time.

Everything can be a creative act if we allow it to be; even the ability to adapt to change. 

Photo by Lani Trock. 

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