list of lovely #24

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Written with this in mind: "Nada é impossível no mundo" aka nothing is impossible in the world...


True Botanicals - I shared about these all natural products on Stories and I <3 them. The face oil doesn't leave your skin greasy, the SPF has a nice tint and everything smells nice. Thanks for the rec, Betsy.


Oneness - Elena Brower supplied a recommended reading list and this was on it. While it's sporting a very new age looking cover and name, it is literally everything I needed to read right now. I've already told about 5 people to order it and that number is sure to rise. Here is a free PDF version


The Moment - A new wellness blog that is redefining what beauty means. This flowed into my world in perfect timing, as I am getting ready to release EYE am beautiful. 


iD's Beyond Beauty with Grace Neutral: Brazil - Because Portuguese is music to my ears and these women are really inspiring. 


Barbie Ferreira for StyleLikeU - I've always felt drawn to this model and now I understand why. She's a funny, down to earth, anxious, Brazilian New Yorker who keeps it real. Love her! 


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