list of lovely #23

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Written with gratitude in my heart and tea by my side...


How to Honor the Dead - A stunning piece on grief by the uber talented, T K Madden. 


Ground of Joy Retreat - Hello, heaven. Co-led by my beautiful friend Kat Mills, this retreat blends yoga, meditation, tea and other rituals in Bali. I am really hoping to figure out a way to make it here, as we would be leaving on my 30th birthday. Talk about the perfect way to bring in my next decade! 


Hike + Meditation in Malibu - My friends Audrie and Breann have teamed up to create a space for nature, community and meditation. This hike will take place on the 21st of May and is free. 


Ocean Vuong - This human and his way with words. 


Brain Series - Created by Emmalea Russo, I found Plain Alchemy through an interview with a wellness blogger and started following the site on Instagram. Since depression is a subject near to my heart, I was excited to see this Brain Series pop up in my feed. 


Photo by Julia Corbett