spring fling

Moving into spring with sustainability in mind...


1 )  Dusen Dusen - I discovered this NYC-based designer during a trip to Portland. Each new collection is influenced by fine art, commercial and naive design, as well as the brain's reaction to movement, color and contrast. My treat to myself was these or a facial. I went with the glasses. 


2) Mondo Mondo - Created by an LA local, this is my signature scent for all four seasons. 


3) Willow Knows - Hand dyed in NYC, all of these silk textiles look so cozy and delicate. 


4) Marais USA - Made in LA, these vegan shoes are the perfect cherry color with a vintage feel. 


5) BY FAR - This spring collection offers an array of pretty pastels and sustainable design practices. While BY FAR is only responsible for the boots, I'd gladly wear the whole outfit. 


6) Species by the Thousands - Based in Brooklyn, this line uses sustainable materials such as vintage and reclaimed precious metals.


7) Max and Vera - Keeping it local once again, these LA-made bras are every crystal loving girl's dream come true. 


8) Reformation - Made from surplus fabric and a great match for high waisted jeans. 

Kenna Conway