under luna

Over the years, I've weaved in and out of holistic practices. When it comes to hair care, most of us are aware that regular shampoo and conditioner aren't good for us or the environment and yet, it is cheaper and easier to find. Besides the cost, the other downside to using natural hair products is that they often leave the hair looking slightly greasy and flat. As much of a hippie as I can be when I travel, my vanity usually kicks back in when I cross through customs. Back in my California comfort zone, I found myself trying out new products and using them for several months. However, it was always just a matter of time before I returned to good old chemicals. I like shiny, full hair just as much as I like meditation.

Like most of us, I learn about a ton of new products via Instagram. As I scrolled through my feed one day, Under Luna's packaging caught my eye. Created by Carly Castillo, this line of all natural hair products features bottles with crescent moon emblems and all natural ingredients. After having a similar experience to my own, Carly was fed up with her hair looking lack laster due to going the natural route. With the intention of creating something from the earth, Under Luna's formula is completely sourced 100% from plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. Many of the ingredients are made in-house and are all organic. Anything that is not created by Carly is sourced within the US by extremely reputable vendors.

After trying out Carly's creations for three weeks, I am thrilled to have finally found a natural product that works. Not only does it leave my hair with a great smell, but it also adds shine and body. Soon after I started using it, people were complimenting me and asking what I was doing differently. I currently begin my hair ritual with the Warrior Shampoo, which has a sweet, floral fragrance, thanks to ylang ylang. I then finish it off with Luna Love Conditioner, which has more of a citrus woodsy feel, thanks to bergamot, patchouli and orange essential oils. All of the products are around $25-30, which I find to be reasonable in comparison to some of the other natural brands. From being able to support a small business run by a woman to living in a more earth friendly way, using Under Luna is something that both me and my hair are happy to do. 


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Kenna Conway