list of lovely #20

Written with the front door open, as a cool evening breeze sneaks in...


WRK SPC OASIS - Where wellness meets co-working. Held on May 10th at the Parachute Hotel in Venice, this pop up event offers an opportunity for creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and healers to come together. Not only does it provide a beautiful space to work, but there is also a guided meditation, healers on-site and food from The Hive. If you are interested in going, use my code KENNA at the checkout. I'll be there!


Modern Meadow - One of my closest friends moved to NYC for Columbia Business School and is now interviewing to intern at this start up. Rather than killing tons of livestock for leather, they have figured out a way to biofabricate it in a lab. I had no idea that the leather goods industry takes in over $90 billion per year.


Taylor Eyewalker - If you are looking for a one of a kind life coach, look no further. Some of you know that this is who I have been working with for the past year and half. I will not lie- this is hard work. It is unlike anything I have experienced and it is certainly not for the faint of heart. However, I have chiseled off many behaviors and layers that were not serving me. Ultimately, this work will make you more of who you really are. In case any of this sounds dauting, I will add that Taylor is definitely willing to meet you where you are. I believe she has two spots left for new clients. 


Amelia Franklin - Amelia and I have a bunch tea friends in common and now have a dm friendship thanks to Instagram. She is always keeping it real real and makes me laugh just about every day. 


Jen Pastiloff - Years ago, in the midst of a bad depression, I found an article that Jen had written about being a yoga teacher on antidepressants. Not too long after, I signed up for her retreat with Lidia Yuknavitch and quickly understood her cult following. Today, I am lucky enough to call her a friend. She is another one who keeps it real real and even started a #realmotherfuckinglife hashtag. 




Kenna Conway