list of lovely #18

Written to you from a couch in New York, while wearing an oversized hoodie....


Claire Wineland - This young woman is my hero. 


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - I came across Joe Dispenza a couple years ago and found his story very interesting. I am currently fascinated with how we become chemically addicted to low vibration states and the rewiring process. 


Abandon Me - Raw and captivating, I kept finding myself in these stories, again and again.


Soul Sessions - Led by my friend Ria and the ladies from Aevi Wellness, this event will feature yoga, a healing and meditation session and a lunch made by Plant Food + Wine. 


Echo and Air Ono Top - While draped tops can be hard to pull off, the cut on this one adds shape and femininity. 


Photo by Echo and Air

Kenna Conway