list of lovely #19

After a gentle weekend back in LA...


Moon Lists - Created by Leigh Patterson, this idea was formed after reading an interview with photographer Sam Abell. "Every full moon, my wife and I construct something we call the Moon List, and the Moon List is about 25 questions that have evolved over 10 years or so to reconstruct the past 30 days since the last full moon," he said. Finding it intriguing, Leigh approached Abell, asking him both for the questions and permission to recreate them through various participants. 



May Day at AYAM - My friend Jess took her vision into reality by opening up this beautiful healing space on the Playa del Ray Wetlands. This particular event will take place on April 29th and includes live music, dancing, organic aliment, fresh flower adornment, bowl tea, sound bath, tarot readings,  hair cuts by La Tierra Sagrada and water blessing ceremony. There will also be a consciously curated marketplace featuring the Radder, the Ghost Dancer, Maria Cauldron, Awave Awake, Poppy and Someday and Hallow Talon. No tickets needed! 


Meditation CD - I am currently working with this meditation from Dr. Joe Dispenza. Quite an interesting process. 


Paige Geffen - For those who love good interiors and an overall great aesthetic. And since some of you have reached out with branding questions, it's worth mentioning that Paige offers creative consultant services in Echo Park. 


We KOKO - Because Burning Man. 


Photo by Paige Geffen

Kenna Conway