list of lovely #17

Coming to you from a bed in New York...


Vacation with an Artist - This travel start up offers short-term apprenticeships (two to seven days) with artists, designers and creatives around the world. "Through VAWAA, an art-hungry traveler can book several-day workshops with a street artist in Buenos Aires, an ikebana master in Kyoto, and a bamboo bicycle-maker in Bangalore, among other artisans representing a vast array of mediums."


Museum of Transitory Art - If and when I find myself in Slovenia, I would love to visit this spot.


Acoustic Floating Porcelain - Because we're on that art vibe. 


Le Market - I happened to stumble upon this website after googling the Gollondrina Collection. Think French meets vintage.  


Mondo Mondo - While browsing through the Echo Park Craft Fair, I found myself chatting with Natasha Ghosn, Mondo Mondo's creator. Although I was in the market for an all natural fragrance, her offerings were mostly made up of essential oils. The Center of The World is now the only scent I wear these days and can always be found in my bag. 


Photo: Le Amiche, 1955


Kenna Conway