list of lovely #16

Finishing up tonight's list post codepedency workshop....


Violence Intervention Program - An LA based clinic offering medical and mental health services to victims of violence and sexual assault. If you are looking to be of service, there are volunteer opportunities available. 


WMN Space - Created by Paula Mallis, this new healing space in Culver City offers a wide variety of treatments and workshops. Definitely on my list of spaces I want to check out. 


Vejas Sneakers - Ethically made in Brazil from eco-friendly materials, these white sneakers are going to be on my feet soon. 


Pari Desai Market Bag - If I had this bag maybe I'd make it to the market more often. ;) 


These Native Goods - Essentially, this is a well curated list for those who are interested in shopping locally. This one stop directory gives you US made brands, with most offering sustainable design practices. 


All photos sourced from each individual's website. 

Kenna Conway