list of lovely #14

Written from a sea of blankets and pillows, I am offering you some women in wellness tonight...


The Well Woman - Tonya uses her creative eye, food-based knowledge and sweet soul to help those around her. Through recipes, interviews, photos, feelings and education, she hopes to bring balance back into people's lives. Be sure to check out her beautiful photos via Instagram. 


Ritual Radiance - A woman who is using Kundalini Yoga to change both her world and the world of others.


Fields of Study - Held at Yogala in Echo Park, Lauren Spencer King's breathwork class is definitely on my list of need to try classes. 


Lauryn Bellafiore - As an Ayurvedic practitioner, entrepreneur and founder of Surya |  | Chandra Ayurveda, Lauryn helps others find wellness through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern lifestyle regimens. Lucky for us Californians, she has plans to move out to the sunshine state in the near future. 


Gabriella D'Urso - A loving and passionate healer, Gabriella is using Reiki to bring a higher level of consciousness to her clients and the planet. 


All photos sourced from each individual's site. 

Kenna Conway