humanness with dallas clayton

Like many people, I found Dallas Clayton through Instagram. His original artwork is done in a child like manner, with heartfelt and positive messaging. One of his better known murals in LA can be found on Sunset in Silver Lake. It displays arms stretched upwards and words that read, 'stand here and think about someone you love.' What some don't know about Dallas is his backstory. His journey into artistry started by selling homemade zines and collages on the streets of LA. From there, he decided to create a children's book for his son and attempted to get it picked by a number of publishers. After receiving rejection after rejection, Dallas put the book online for free. It wasn't long before celebrities were spreading his work all over the internet. My favorite things about him are his child like wonder, his humanness and ability to uplift others through art. Thanks for answering my questions, Dallas!  

Why do you do what you do creatively? Is there deliberate intention behind each piece of art? 


I make things that make me feel good and hopefully make other people feel good. 

How do you define beauty? 


All the best parts no one seems to notice. 

What is the greatest fear or insecurity you have overcome? 


I wish I could fly and breathe underwater. 

What is your favorite part of your human experience? What is your least favorite part?


Laughing with people you know nothing about. Also crying. Least favorite part: Rules. 

What are your vices?


Sparkling water. Sidewalk chalk. 

6. Why are you beautiful? 


Same reasons you are. 



All photos sourced from Google images. 

Kenna Conway