list of lovely #9

My post teacher training list...


Thick Talk -  Hosted by Elizabeth Claire Taylor and Alexis Krase, this is a short vlog on fashion, feminism, empowerment and boys. My path crossed with Alexis' back in NYC, during a challenging point in my life. She has always been a bright beam of light and I am so excited to see her discussing all of my favorite topics. Love me some body positivity!! 


Dessert Medicine - My friend Julia makes this chocolate and it's delicious.  


Sweet Green - If you are looking for farm to table fast food, look no further! There are several locations around LA. 


BC Serna - I recently started following this socially conscious storyteller. Lots of positive vibes and passionate work. 


The Wild Unknown - I love these decks! The art is beautiful and the messages are on point. 


Photo: Unknown



Kenna Conway