list of lovely #13

After a full weekend of friends and fashion on the brain...


Miranda Bennett - If you are on the hunt for plant dyed clothing, look no further. This designer offers easy to wear apparel, released twice a year in a seasonless fashion. Everything is dyed in house and manufactured by a local team of artisans.


Hannah Kristina Metz - Originally beginning her career as a blogger, Hannah is now able to list muse, photographer, vintage connoisseur, lingerie designer, store owner and ready-to-wear designer as additional nouns. My favorite thing about her is how she designs her collections- based off of her favorite stories. 


Martha Pinel - Hailing from Rio De Janiero, I am drawn to this DJ's funky 70s vibe. 


Jess Zanotti - I found this sweet woman the way I find many creatives these days- Instagram. A fellow LAer, Jess is a stylist, visual artist and creative consultant. She is often traveling to beautiful locations, has great style and is very honest on social media about her mental health struggles. My kind of gal for sure! 


God Looked Away - If you are in the mood for some live theater, Pasadena Playhouse is hosting Al Pacino until March 19th. He will be playing Tennessee Williams, with Juliet Light as the leading actress. 


Wildflower Bloom - Oo lala! 


All photos sourced from each individual's website. 

Kenna Conway