healing with fern olivia

On a chilly Saturday morning in New York City, I found myself, mat to mat, with a packed room of city dwelling yogis. I knew of Elena Brower from Yogaglo, but had yet to experience her in person; Sacred Saturday class seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. Thanks to movement and breath, mixed in with a steady voice of wisdom, I found what I was craving. I trusted what Elena said, so when she announced that NYC was losing a fine teacher, I paid attention. With emotion in her voice, Elena reached her hand out to a glowing red head in the front row, saying that Los Angeles would be very lucky to have her. This woman turned out to be Fern Olivia.

Since Los Angeles is where I reside, I found Fern on Instagram and began following her journey. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid disease in 2008, Fern realized just how little the western medical industry knew about thyroid and autoimmune conditions. Her own health struggles led her to create Thyroid Yoga®, a unique approach to supporting thyroid health that has helped men and women from all walks of life. Fern is also the founder of Ajai Alchemy, an all organic essential oil fragrance and beauty brand specifically formulated with synergistic hormone balancing and aphrodisiac benefits. As a teacher, speaker and influencer, Fern is using her holistic knowledge and creativity towards mass healing on the planet.

Do you believe that we all possess the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out?

Absolutely – we are our own best healers. I believe it’s my purpose to share this truth with those who desire to find balance and vibrancy in their bodies, who have tried everything, who are sick of taking tests upon tests and receiving lack of clarity. We all have an intuitive ability to listen to our body’s internal messages. Our bodies are infinitely intelligent and are communicating to us constantly. We need to pay attention to the feelings and sensations we’re experiencing and figure out what needs to change, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual.

Which tools have had the most profound effect on your own healing journey?

Yoga has had the most profound effect on my healing journey. It was the catalyst for me to go within, grow my intuition, and start making major shifts in my life. I started to notice patterns of how I ate and treated myself, how I was spending my day, and how this related to how I felt on my yoga mat. I realized that this practice allowed me to connect with myself in a way that I hadn’t been able to elsewhere. Each time I returned to my yoga mat, I felt clear-headed, but also safe, comforted and loved – feelings I had been lacking in my life. I found immense strength in this experience and realized that my body had been screaming at me so long, just asking me to listen. This is precisely why I created Thyroid Yoga®, a method designed to empower men and women to say goodbye to survival mode and embody radiant health again.

In today's world, many complain about being stuck, tired, anxious, uninspired or depressed. As a teacher/healer, are you finding core reasons or patterns for these afflictions?

I’ve found the core reason people are feeling so sick and tired to be disconnection and loneliness. The most common feeling on our planet right now is disconnection from body, spirit, and the world around us. Many people are working jobs they don’t care about, they’re numbing their health symptoms with prescription medications or addictions, and aren’t paying attention to what their body is desperately trying to express. We are constantly told we are broken, or something is missing, or we need drugs. We are constantly looking outside ourselves for answers. Once people realize where they’re out of alignment, whether it’s a job, stale relationship, or negative thought pattern, they can take the steps to change it. This is where true healing happens.


When you started looking within, how did your life change?

Once I started listening to my inner wisdom, I began amping up my self-care practices. Everything I ate, the relationships I associated with, my daily habits and routines all changed. I started to really love and appreciate myself on a deep level – it felt good to be in my own skin! Truly revolutionary.


What does radiance mean to you?

Radiance is is taking care of myself in the most loving and kind-hearted way. When I’m practicing gratitude, nourishing my body, meditating, and lavishing myself with retreats and healing experiences, I feel radiant! I’m more joyful, loving, and present, and people are naturally magnetized to this energy.

Favorite personal mantras?

Every morning, I look in the mirror and gaze into my own eyes for three minutes, repeating the affirmation: “I see you, you’re beautiful.” Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry. Each day may bring up a new feeling – of appreciation, of understanding, of compassion. I remind myself I am worthy of all abundance that is coming in.

I also live by the statement “YOU BE YOU.” I just be myself, I do what I love, and I surround myself with friends who live by the same rule.

Best advice given to you?

One of my teachers says, "How can you expect to have the relationship, the job, the body — whatever the 'thing' is — if you're not committed to your self, your daily practice, every single day? If you're doing it 'almost every day' then you're just going to get almost 'the thing." This advice has made my yoga practice, or “sadhana” a non-negotiable in my daily routine. It’s completely changed my life in so many ways.


Why are you beautiful?

I’m beautiful because I’m doing work that is truly nourishing my soul. I’m beautiful because I practice self-love. I’m beautiful because I’m creating my life with sophisticated self-expression and graceful confidence. I’m beautiful because I live authentically and light the way for others to do the same.

Where can we study with you?

I am so excited to offer my next Thyroid Yoga® practitioner training at Pure Yoga in New York City from April 28-30, 2017, which also will be made available virtually. In this 20-hour training, I will share wisdom and teachings in integrative medicine, functional nutrition, essential oils, and yoga to accelerate your recovery from thyroid condition or autoimmune disease. After this weekend, you will have the confidence to share your voice and a deep knowledge of eastern and western modalities, as well as a profound understanding of your own intuitive healing power. You don’t need to be a teacher or wellness practitioner, simply a desire to deepen your own knowledge to support your own health and create a ripple effect of awareness in the world.

I also will be hosting a retreat the following weekend at Gurney’s Montauk! You’re invited to celebrate my birthday with me in one of the most coveted destinations on the East Coast! Learn more about this incredibly restorative and nurturing experience happening May 5-7, 2017.

I’ll also be in Australia June 2017 for a special retreat and teacher training in Bondi and Byron Bay!



For more of Fern, follow her journey via her website, Facebook and Instagram. For those yearning to connect in person, all of her upcoming events, retreats and teacher training dates in Los Angeles, New York and around the world can be found here.

Kenna Conway