parties and nightclubs, oh my

Photo by  Lani Trock

Photo by Lani Trock


I know you've heard this word before. If you are an LA local or wellness aficionado, you most definitely have. Since the world feels extra crazy right now, perhaps a post on this subject seems silly. Insignificant in comparison to what is happening. However, if used properly, it can be a practice that empowers us. My friend, Jen Pastiloff, explains manifesting as making shit happen. Others have gone as far as creating entire coaching businesses around it. While manifestation formulas can vary depending on who you're asking, one thing is for sure: crafting your reality is possible. 

I guess I learned how to manifest accidentally. I didn't know that I was in control of what was happening, but I did realize that weird stuff was going on. At 15 I was quite entranced by parties and nightclubs. This was just on the precipice of girls like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton becoming known for dancing on tables, so it was all still a bit undercover. After a quick visit to the back of a bong shop in the village, my best friend and I left with two $50 Delaware fake IDs. Before we knew it, New York City nightclubs became our haven. Tricking the bouncers (or not because I looked like I was 12) was a natural high that was hard to pass up. Once past the velvet rope, we were immersed in an adult world. One that was so very different from the halls of our high school. 

My partying days continued on in Miami, a place that certainly knows how to have a good time. Me and three other girls were there for Christmas break to ring in the New Year. One was the best friend mentioned above and the two others girls, barely 21, acted as our chaperones. I remember walking into the hotel so clearly, the crisp air conditioned breeze hitting my skin. Everything was white and pristine, with long sheer pieces of fabric draped from the ceiling. Outfits from the pages of magazines paraded around the lobby and perfect bodies covered by teeny tiny bikinis were everywhere. I instantly felt young, out of place and underdressed in my just off the plane leggings and t-shirt. 

As the day turned into night, the energy raised. We got ready for dinner, picking out clothing that seemed suitable for the setting. The lobby pumped out ambient sounds, as heels clicked against the marble. Candles were placed around the perimeter of the room, with the overhead lights turned down low. The space was a sea of long legs, glowing skin and air kisses. Couples that looked too perfect to be real. Faces and fashion that were enviable. Little did I know that Miami was a mecca for models. 

After dinner we returned to the hotel, grabbing sugary drinks and taking up residence at the outdoor bar. Moroccan themed, the patio featured cobalt blue walls, oversized floor lamps, day beds and more pretty people. The inside was flashier, gold colored tables that shined underneath a red glowing hue. Earlier at the pool, we had gotten the low down on the city's nightlife- the exclusive spots, the bouncers who won't budge, the easiest places to gain entry into and the ones that offered after hours. Naturally I wanted to go to the best one, which also happened to be the hardest to get into. I didn't know how we would do it, considering that at this point in time, I knew not a single club promoter. I didn't know anyone in Miami, besides my three friends, but I wasn't letting the night finish without getting where I wanted to go. 

As we sipped on our rum infused drinks, the girls began to lose hope about this whole nightclub scheme. Will our shitty IDs even work there? my friend asked. Just chill out. It will work, I told her in response. And just like that, our nightlife fairy godmother appeared in the form of a handsome man. He was older than us, an ex model turned agent. He seemed to know everyone and his vibe was friendly rather than creepy. After concealing our 16 years of age through lies, he invited us to the very nightclub I wanted to go to. Without hesitation, we said yes.

As we neared the entrance, there was a giant crowd of people that didn't seem to be moving. Even from afar, the bouncer looked mean. Take my hand, the fairy godmother said, as he began to direct me and my friends towards the front. When the oversized door guarder saw him, he barked at the crowd to make room. As if under a spell, the boisterous crowd parted immediately. The bouncer and the man shook hands and motioned for us to keep walking. He never asked see our IDs. As we left the entrance madness and entered into a long dark hallway, my friend squeezed my arm.  

We did it. 

This sort of thing continued to happen, night after night and not one of these men ever crossed over into any inappropriate behavior. I will remind you that I looked 14 at best. I had a girl body and a baby face, so it most certainly was not my looks that were getting us through those doors. I've had friends with pretty power, the ones who can get just about anything because of their beauty, but that wasn't the case with this particular group. I know it may sound silly, but I'm telling you that manifestation is what made my partying years so successful. When it came time for New Years Eve, we managed to gain an invite to some event being thrown by Usher. It was set up around the pool, with famous folk and all sorts of large exotic cats in cages. After the ball dropped, we decided to leave early. Sitting on the steps of that all white lobby, we weren't sure where the evening would take us. Our feet hurt but the night felt young. Again, starting to enter a moment of defeat, I reminded the group that we would figure it out. 

It's New Years Eve. Don't worry! 

And just like that, a man stepped out from the elevator and introduced himself. He invited us to the penthouse, where a huge party was being thrown. My friends, a little hesitant, needed some encouraging but soon enough we were traveling up the floors. With sprawling views of the sparkling city, the place was packed. There were champagne bottles half the size of me and a Victoria's Secret model that I recognized. It all seemed glamorous until hor d'oeuvre trays full of cocaine were passed around by painted ladies. 

Maybe we should go. 

Just to be clear- my friends and I did not partake in anything beyond fruity cocktails at any point. When one of the penthouse men asked me what kind of drugs I wanted, that he had just about anything I could dream of, I grabbed the girls and left. I guess this isn't the typical tale of how someone learns to manifest but it made for a good story 15 years later. Once I reached my 20s, I understood manifesting on a much deeper level but I didn't use it for deeper purposes until I was 24. India was really where I learned to make (meaningful) things happen. Today I believe we have the power to shape our realities. I think we are also working with divine timing, subconscious patterning, karma and dharma, which can certainly make things interesting. I am not always able to manifest what I want but I have a pretty good track record. I am currently working on removing the limiting beliefs that keep me stuck. Now if I can channel my 16 year old level of confidence and passion for partying (past tense) towards my career, I will be set. 


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