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A continuation on hacking your reality aka manifesting. I held off on publishing this, as I felt it was almost insignificant in the face of everything happening in our world. I will say that once you learn to harness the laws of the universe, use them to help people. Move your money, time, connections, happiness, success, resources, etc. towards the greater good of all. If we are powerful manifestors, I think it's our duty to use this superpower to be of service. 

In case you missed part one, it can be found here.  


EARTH LESSONS - Caroline Myss says that we make sacred agreements before we arrive to earth—the people, places and things that we experience have already been decided upon. I think this is important to remember when taking on the manifestation game. Over the years, I've noticed big differences in how certain things show up for certain people. For me, I will manifest the exact thing I want, but my natural inclination is to say no. This seems to be more of my work, than actually learning how to manifest. It often takes everything I have to get on board and then show up for it. It's like the universe is supporting to me to believe in myself and my gifts, even though I so don't want to. For others, I think trust can be the lesson or learning that what they want isn't for them or getting exactly what they think they want and (eventually) finding the emptiness in it. Oh, the many lessons that exist on this planet. 

For others, they have no problem saying yes, but the opportunities don't flow in. Sometimes I think this is because the things they are asking for aren't meant for them. I don't think we can all be major league sports players or Fortune 500 company owners, no matter how hard we work to manifest. Those two things I just mentioned require an enormous amount of talent, drive and dedication, traits that can only be advanced to a certain degree within a single lifetime. 

ENERGY - When we become so obsessed with making something happen, all of our energy goes there. This can applied to a relationship, our bodies, work, etc. So not surprisingly, when we pull our energy away from the thing that isn't working, something new and better has the opportunity to flow in. When I stopped trying to make this blog "happen," I was given creative opportunities that were so far beyond what I thought was possible. When I can share about them, I will. 

MAKING A LIST - So this seems to be an essential part of just about any manifestation teaching you'll come across. Make a list of what you want, put it in present tense and be as specific as possible. A lot of people like to put dates down of when each thing will happen by; deadlines for the universe, so to speak. Paula Mallis taught me to begin each request with, "I am gracefully and easily calling in x." The lists I've made over the span of my 20s have mostly been about men (of course) and although some very specific things I have have wanted showed up, I've mostly attracted my subconscious i.e. emotional unavailability. I can write about my dream relationship all day long, but if I don't truly want it, then it won't happen. Romance is definitely my weakest area of manifestation, which is why I have to work on my own self love and availability. 

SELF WORTH - Like many, I've struggled with self worth, so it wasn't surprising that I manifested a manifestation teacher who would pass on this teaching. Her belief is that manifestation is completely about our self esteem and as we raise it, we are rewarded. Rather than looking at it as a reward system, I think it's simply about your beliefs—you attract what you think you deserve.

Prior to meeting this woman, I had a tendency to take jobs that paid me lower than what I deserved and would stay at a place for much longer than I needed to. But there came a time when my soul began screaming, "ENOUGH!" I found myself working at yet another shitty writing job, one that I had accepted out fear, feeling like the pay cut was worth the flexibility of working remotely.

After a month or two, I began to ask for outside opinions of how I should proceed and the answers I got back were a mixed bag. Someone who I really trusted said stay until you find something else, but something within me said no. One day, after a third edit was requested, in addition to video and photo editing (not a part of my job description), I said no more. I quit on the spot and while my boss was sad to see me go, he wished me well. A month or two later, several jobs flowed in that were so specific to what I was asking for and they just so happened to all come through the blog. It all felt a bit like a dream. Hallelujah! 

WERK WERK WERK - Manifestation only works if you do. No, you can't sit on the couch and expect to have your dream life knock on the door (duh). I suppose this is another obvious teaching, but leaps of faith are required for all of this to work. Make a list of everything you need to do in order to make what you want happen. Work with them daily, weekly and monthly and when you come up against blocks, take them to your meditation pillow. 

TRUST - You've probably heard that worry only creates more worry, that it's like praying for bad things to happen. What I know for sure, from personal experience, is that it's a major waste of time and energy. We have to learn to trust that our lives are unfolding in perfect timing. That the things showing up are there for our greatest good and that when our outer reality doesn't quite yet look like our dream reality, we just have to hold on tight (and keeping moving with action). Each day is a new opportunity to hack our reality and allow the best version of our life to come through. 

MAGIC IS FUN AND EXISTS FOR EVERYONE - Living a Harry Potter reality is fun and playful, so don't take any of this too seriously. Also, the more you believe, the more the magic will flow. 

PAY ATTENTION - This is another common manifestation teaching—pay attention to the snychronicites that are showing up, honor each one and say thank you! Back when I was teaching The Magic Way, I had everyone record their magic moments every day before bed. It's a great way to increase the sparks of flow in your life. 



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