list of lovely #6

After a weekend of Kundalini teacher training, here is the latest list...


One Part Podcast - Another podcast and person that I love. Jessica Murnane has great guests and seems like a sweetie. 

CBD Tonic - I can't wait to try this CBD oil, macuna and tumeric happiness tonic! 

Invincible Living - This is Guru Jagat's new Kundalini Yoga book. I am currently reading and loving it.  

Forest Pixie - A (funny) well written article on Moon Juice & Amanda Chantal Bacon. 

Mouse Kitchen - A friend recently took me to this Highland Park spot and was surprised that I had never been. It features a charming design and delicious vegetarian food. I got the buffalo bowl with mac n' cheese and ate every bite. 


Photo: Toby Harvard

Kenna Conway