list of lovely #8

After a much needed no phone break for the weekend, I am back. Here is the latest list that pertains to self care and everything going on in this crazy political climate...


Lion - This film is a must see. I went solo and cried during, on the car ride home and back at home. It is a powerful reminder of what goes on in third world countries (India is actually considered a developing country now, but with its level of poverty, I find it hard to call it that). India is a very special place to me, a place that I was reminded of as I spent the weekend reading through my journals. This piece of art reminds me of the power of story and the work that is needed to be done. 

Which Way Home - A powerful doc on immigration. This is the story of two young boys, attempting to make their way to their families in the states. Very powerful. 

ACLU - I just donated. 

Immigrants Make America Great March (LA) - Let's get creative with those signs and band together. 

Ardas Bhaee - I have been playing this on repeat all weekend. I was called to it and feel it has been helping me find peace. Google the lyrics and chant along. 

#deleteuber - Travis Kalanik (CEO of Uber) pledges to donate $3 million for drivers affected by immigration ban. This feels a little too late to me and considering he is a BILLIONAIRE, 3 million is nothing off his back. 

Kenna Conway