list of lovely #7

Sent to you with love from Portland....


Lidia Yuknavitch - I love this woman for her words and her heart and her fierce fight for inclusion. For giving space for those who struggle to be heard. She is this cosmic force of intellect and heart, never shying away from the dark and ugly. She also really really loves the OA, like me. 

Corporeal Writing - Lidia teaches in person and online. Her classes are for everyone, even if you aren't interested in being a writer. She teaches art making that comes from the body and throws away the scholarly rules that were once enforced upon her. 

Rama TV - This is how I get my kundalini fix on the road and when I don't feel like leaving the house. I bought my subscription in an apartment in Paris and quickly gave up a long term on/off smoking habit completely. 

Make America Goddess Again - My sweet friend made these shirts! Demelza is a talented artist and plant alchemist. 

Love Warrior - I just bought this at Powell's a couple hours ago (along w several other books). I can't wait to start it! 


Photo: Unknown

Kenna Conway