energy game

Viewing life through the lens of energy is a giant game changer. 

If you are reading this, you probably have some things you are hoping to achieve while on the planet. And if you want to be able to successfully carry out these visions, you are going to need a lot of energy. For me, it's been so useful to look at everything in terms of how much energy it provides or takes away. Typically I don't find things to be energy neutral, but maybe that's just me. 

Taylor Eyewalker is the one who first introduced me to this way of thinking. Through my work with her and Kundalini Yoga, I began asking myself, again and again, how does this make me feel? Do I leave conversations with so and so feeling happier? More inspired? Or drained and anxious? I also ask myself this about food, communication styles, information, clothing, jobs, spaces, art and every human interaction. I have come to a point where I don't want to waste time on things that leave me with less energy than what I started with. However, this doesn't necessarily mean I avoid certain types of people or scenarios. I'll explain more below. 

Kundalini Yoga is a practice that focuses on increasing the energy in the 10 bodies. Harijiwan, one of my teachers, says we must align with the beneficial vibrations of the universe. By doing this, we can maneuver the system in our favor. The reason why mantras are so powerful is that they clear out the pathways for more energy to flow in. The physical postures of the practice are a bit like the movement scenes in the OA. The poses, along with the mantras and breath work, are ways of communicating with the celestial realm. Before I get too far out, try a class and see how you feel. You may think it's super weird, but I bet you'll feel better than when you walked in the room. 

In my experience, the following are key energy killers- booze, drugs, gossip, negativity, chemicals, modified food, lying, breaking my word, self loathing, fear and doubt. All you have to do is think a single thought of doubt and you can lose up to 1/3 of your energy. I know that faking it till you make it isn't always easy, but try it. I recently have taken on a new practice of only saying nice things to myself. I am especially conscious of my appearance commentary, as I can be my own worst critic. So far, being kind to myself feels really good. I am waking up much earlier and putting myself in situations of service more often. 

Now I don't subscribe to the idea that we must always be around "high vibration" people. My reasoning for this is that those who are struggling need help. How are we to truly be of service to those in need with this, dare I say, elitist attitude? If you are operating with a strong aura and magnetic field, with a ton of energy, you can make an imprint on your environment. Having this sort of energetic strength is one of the biggest gifts of service we can give the planet. This is the ultimate goal, anyway. I am not quite there yet. 

Here are some ways of checking in on your personal relationship to energy. 


PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS: Assess these areas of your life. Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire and support you? Are there any subtle (or not so subtle) currents of jealousy, competition, negativity or toxic behaviors? If these exist, chances are that these are energy drainers. If so, you may need to walk away from this person, place or thing, and perhaps revisit it when you feel stronger or drop it altogether. 

DAILY BEHAVIORS: Are the things you are doing in your day to day to life serving you? Does your coffee habit give you sustainable energy or quick hits of false energy? Does that second (or third) glass of wine to unwind make you tired or anxious the following morning? How does gossip and/or complaining feel after you finish? And what about that tasty but not so healthy food? Is it worth it? By gaining some insight into our actions, we can decide what has to go in order to have the life we want. The Addiction Meditation from Kundalini Yoga is a really helpful way of getting rid of negative behaviors. Stay tuned for a video on this!

Now I know it is not always possible to avoid certain scenarios like a person you work with or a job you dislike. If removing yourself is not an option, you can choose to up your energy and build your magnetic field through a meditation practice. Kundalini Yoga is my personal favorite, being that it's very quick and effective.

Here is a list of the LA studios:

Nine Treasures (Hollywood) 

Rama Institute (Venice)  

Yoga West (Robertson Blvd)  

Golden Sol (Los Feliz)  

The Awareness Center (Pasadena) 

Golden Bridge (Santa Monica)   

And lastly, the NYC Golden Bridge for my New Yorkers. 


Photo: Helena Haro

Kenna Conway