lessons learned in new york

Those who are different from you present an opportunity to remember that no one is separate. Every person we come across has something to teach us. This practice is easier said than done.  

     Planning properly is a great way to ensure ideal outcomes. I am constantly learning      from my mistakes. 

                       Farm stand fresh avocados and feta cheese are heaven. 

     Visiting your childhood town will bring back memories. Everything will appear so          much smaller than it used to. 

      The smell of fresh flowers and the sounds of chirping birds are mood shifters. 

       The purpose of trips can change when you land. Unexpected feelings can arise. 

(this is from an unknown source)

(this is from an unknown source)

People change when they are ready and only then. My father came to me every day for herbs and green juice. He stopped drinking coffee, although he did try to make a tea with EIGHT tea bags haha. 

 We don't always get what we want, but we always get what we need. Perspective is  everything. 

           Getting outside of the mind is crucial to happiness. Fear doesn't exist in                      the present. 

For some, creativity is a sort of life force. If they aren't actively creating something ie a meal, visuals, words, joy for someone else, then they are destructive. If you fall into this category, prioritize creating. Make sure you do it where ever you are in the world. And if you meet resistance, push through. 

ps- If I missed you while I was there, I'm sorry. Almost all of my time was spent with family. I aspire to become a better planner. 


Kenna Conway