permission to break

For so much of our lives, we are taught to keep it together. Hold in our pain, our fears and our worries. Push away things that don't feel good. Make sure that we appear normal and intelligent. Satisfied and happy with the lives that we are working hard to create.

Tears are something that we wipe away. Hide from others. Release in private. We smile through it all, staring up at lights to make them disappear. Swallowing that funny feeling in our throats. Imagining something funny, something other than what is real. But what if we changed this thinking. What if we treated tears as sacred. As precious as the joy we feel on euphoric occasions. Needed like the celebrations we use to mark time. To claim our existence as humans. To show that we loved and lost and learned. 

What if we viewed tears as prayers. Water that held stories of releasing. Carrying out visions that no longer served us. Taking words of hate and fear and separation with them as they soak into kleenexes and pillow cases. Have you ever noticed the radiance of someone post weeping? After the wreckage has been cleared out with swiftness. Like a sudden rainstorm on a hot humid New York day. Coolness. The air, softer. The smell of grass. Nature. Natural rhythms restored. Streets that are quiet. Cleaned. Anew. 

These recent times have been quite intense for so many. We are all being tested, asked to dive into our fears, our pains and our patterns. To really take a look at all that does not serve us and all that does. Karmic relationships. Obsessions. Self hatred. Vanity. Ego. Pain. Suffering. Selfishness. And really, we have no choice to but to face it all. The world. Ourselves. Each other. And because of this, we all need to cry. To let go of the things we are harboring. The stuff that keeps us sick and suffering and going to war. Inwardly and outwardly. 

As we move into July, let us make room for anything that wants to come through. Knowing that on the other side of pain and fear is love. Expansion. Excitement and connection. May we value all emotions, knowing that everything has a time and a place. Honoring them as portals into our evolution as humans. Collectively and individually. After going through a giant clearing process myself, a painful breaking open of sorts, I know that each tear led me to a deeper sense of compassion. Empathy. Understanding. And that with each moment that I allowed myself to feel into the sadness, I was being prepared for a greater capacity to love. 

Photo: Helena Haro

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