aquarian business

Be easy, letting the principles of service and grace spread into every aspect of your business; like water. Remember the ocean always bringing things back to shore, knowing success will come to you if your intentions are pure. 

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to catch the tale end of Aquarian Business Training at Rama Institute in Venice. Rama is a kundalini yoga studio, with many opportunities to learn how to bring the principles of kundalini into all aspects of your life. This was an all weekend event, however I popped in for the last two hours with master teacher, Tej. It was especially great because I wasn't really sure what it would be about before going. I just knew that I needed to be there. Here are some of my biggest take aways: 

1. "I must be serving something other than my own personal neurosis!"

 YES. This is such a huge one. Why are you doing what you are doing? Who is it serving? How it is elevating the community and world at large? As I step into a place of offering my own services and creativity via the web and other avenues, keeping my ego in check is so important. Remembering why I am doing what I am doing is crucial. Learning how to serve the greater vision of the greater good is what we all came here to do. 

2. "Every business has its own base and you are a student of it."

I love the idea of this- you are not your business. Instead, you are serving it, giving to it and learning from it, each and every day. It is essential to get impersonally personal with all aspects of running a business- from the results and numbers to every person you deal with. It is not you, but you give to it with all of your creativity and vision. 

3. "Go past your own emotions." 

This can relate to so much- to dealing with success and failure, clients, the creative process and more. If you are anything like me, it is so easy to get wrapped up in emotions. However, this really doesn't serve you, the business or anyone you are working with. When co-creating with others, it is always important to rise above and listen to the other. "Take in what you are feeling, what they are feeling, the divine call and then intuitively listen to the future." 

4. Visualization 

Visualization is such an important tool when it comes to manifesting! From thoughts to things. Seeing it in your minds eye in order to have it come into reality. If you set a small amount of time each day to go over every aspect of your business, from sales to marketing to aesthetics to new opportunities, and you believe that your business deserves these things, you will watch as they actually unfold in front of your eyes. 

5. Attraction, not promotion. 

Let the work speak for itself. Don't hustle in a sales-y sort of way. Now that we are in the aquarian age, everything can be felt. Even thoughts and underlying motivations. If you're intentions aren't clear, the business probably won't work out in the long run. 

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Kenna Conway