dwelling in possibility

Credit goes to Emily Dickinson for the title of this post. 

Happy post solstice and full moon to all of you! I woke up feeling energized and inspired for this new season. The 80 degree weather felt cool in comparison to yesterday's 105. A little perspective is everything! After my morning routine, I drew some cards for myself, my mom and some friends. Kali, the Hindu Goddess of destruction, kept showing up in several readings. This seemed appropriate as she represents endings and beginnings. Letting go of what does not serve you, in order to make space for what does. 

Once we are able to loosen our grips on attachments, we can begin to dwell in possibility. It is such a rich space, one where the imagination can run free towards anything and everything. I often advise clients and friends to get really clear and specific in their visualizations. To step into the feelings connected to desired outcomes. And to recognize any beliefs or emotions like fear, anger, distrust, sadness that come up when doing so. Today is a great time to do just that. 

Over the years, self doubt and fear are two things that I have come up against. Although I have worked hard to clear them, they still pop up again from time to time.  Unfortunately, they are giant manifestation killers. If I can't believe in my dreams, no one else fully can either. The universe becomes confused, and begins to reflect my fear back to me with more fear. This leads to undesired outcomes. People and situations who aren't right for me. And an overall feeling that none of my attempts to create a beautiful reality are working. 

But recently, I feel excited. Ready to move through time and space in an empowered way. Through kundalini yoga and my precious (challenging) work with Taylor Eyewalker, I have learned how to take risks. My reliance on the outside has become less and less (DAILY practice). My radiance and integrity has increased. And I've never felt more capable of crafting the life that I want. Today I most certainly dwell in possibility. I feel an aliveness in body and spirit, allowing the belief in myself to carry me through the day. I wish the same for you. 

Perhaps make some time today to go within and ask yourself these questions: 

How can I learn to dwell in possibility? 

What are my greatest sources of inspiration? What really lights me up? 

How can I get closer to my joy? 

What must I let go of to create the life I want? 


Sending you lots of love and magic during this special time!




Kenna Conway