Love Beam

"love harder. love all of us. bridge to all the other bodies. love like a supernova so we can blast this culture back open to the heart of things." - Lidia Yuknavitch 

Looking at the horrific events that occurred on a dance floor, it is clear that things are not as they should be. While it's no secret that hate exists on this planet, all of these shootings and tragedies are trying to tell us something. Healing, which is desperately needed on a collective level, can start with the individual. Yes, you can sign petitions for gun legislation. You can use your voting power. You can donate and give blood. All of these actions are very important. But you can also go within and create more love. 

With our world being in disarray, I wanted to share something that would help soothe our hearts. The Tonglen meditation comes from Tibetan Buddhism and translates to taking and sending. It turns the meditator into a filter of sorts, breathing in the suffering and dark emotions of the world, before breathing out the good. It is a practice of great kindness, transforming anger into compassion, pain into presence, hate into love. It also helps to erase the illusion of separateness, which is so needed right now.

You can begin the meditation by sitting in lotus pose, getting comfortable and closing your eyes. Start breathing in and out of the nose, watching as the breath rises and falls. As you breathe in, take the suffering, confusion, pain, rage and fear in. As you let the breath out, release compassion and purity into the space. The length of time required is up to you. Maybe begin with 5 minutes and work your way up to 11 or 22.

Just this small action will help to create a shift within our collective consciousness. And boy do we need that more than ever. 

For a guided meditation with Pema Chodron, go here:


Link to gun petition:

A message I saw: Call your senators and demand that they change our gun laws. It takes less than 2 minutes of your time. Text DISARM HATE to 644-33 for instructions.


Kenna Conway