new moon magic

Happy New Moon in Taurus! 

After living out of a suitcase for a full year, I have finally found my ideal home. I got very clear and specific, and was not willing to settle for anything less than. It has arrived in perfect timing, as this moon in Taurus is all about grounding. Over the past couple of months, we have had the chance to face our shadows and dig deep. As we enter into May, it is a time to cultivate peace, spend time in nature and appreciate the human body. We are also presented with an opportunity to get more specific with our visions, letting go of anything that does not serve us. With greater clarity, comes quicker results. Plus your manifestations will be totally on point. 

The New moon is always a great time to set intentions. All this requires is getting a notebook or piece of paper and writing them down. Clarity and specificity are essential, as is the belief that you deserve the things you want to call in. If I am alone, I like to light a candle and meditate. I connect with my higher self and ask for guidance as I get to crafting. In my mind's eye, I imagine exactly what I want: the kind of clients I wish to work with, the vibe of my new home, new writing opportunities, how I want my interviews to go and how I feel about my body. When I am finished, I begin to write my intentions in the present tense form.

For example: I am working privately with clients of all ages, both locally and worldwide thanks to Skype. I attract people who are willing to be honest and do the work. They are open to meditating and are interested in living out their highest creative potential. Our sessions flow with great clarity, calmness and cozy vibes. 

If I find any resistance coming up during the process, I ask myself where it is stemming from. Perhaps it is a belief that I am not good enough. From there, I will close my eyes and ask for it to be taken. I imagine sending it into a white ball of light and watching it disappear. Once all of my intentions are written out, I like to place them underneath a crystal.  You can also take this little set up and put it out under the moon. In the end, there are no set rules. Have fun with it and do what feels good to you! 

Wishing all of you a beautiful day and weekend. May you tap into a sense of magic from within and watch as it unfolds all around you. Honor your gifts, craft your dreams and make some time to connect with mama earth. Stay in flow and allow the things you desire to fly into your life with ease. 

Lots of love and magic, 


Photo: Unknown

Kenna Conway