Take me to your healer...

I never intended to step into the role of "healer." It sort of just happened. Somehow I went from living in NYC to spending four months in Northern India. After writing for a fashion column by day and bartending/serving by night, I was over it all. Modern life, bills, stress, sadness, drunk people and my family. So I began saving for a trip that I hoped would change my life. 

"Why India? Why now?" my mom asked over breakfast. 

"To figure it all out on the meditation mat. To find answers. Some direction."

"And what if it doesn't work?"

"It has to." 

Prior to this trip, the word Theta was only relevant to my life because it was the name of my sorority. While sorority life was never high up on my list of goals, I wanted to broaden my friend circle beyond the UCLA's film and theater program. A girl that I knew from NY had joined Theta during her first quarter at school and loved it. While pink and rara sisterhood was not exactly my thing, I loved a good theme party. But after a short quarter as a member, I decided to part ways. And after a year in college, I decided that school wasn't it for me either.  

Several years later, I found myself in Rishikesh. Known as the yoga capitol of India, it is filled with ashrams, meditation classes and babas. It sits on the well known Ganges River, attracting people from all over the world who are looking to expand their consciousness. I ended up there due to Google. A close friend wanted to come with but since she was getting her Masters, she just couldn't swing it. So I decided not to listen to those who told me who it was too dangerous to visit alone and set out on my merry way. Two weeks into my stay, I found myself uninspired and lonely. The ashram I was staying at had canceled all meditation classes upon my arrival. I had gotten sick several times, forcing me to spend days holed up in my hot room alone. After reaching my limit, I broke down. Grabbing my Ipad, I began rapidly typing to a friend back in LA. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I told her how much I wanted to come home. 

"Get off of your computer. This is totally normal. Go for a walk and remember that this is all a part of the process. I felt the same way when I was in Africa. If you go home now, you will regret it." she told me. 

And so I listened to her. After hopping in my make shift shower, I threw on genie pants and grabbed a shawl for my shoulders. While wandering the dusty roads, I came across a poster for an upcoming workshop. The name was The Art of Love and it started in just a couple of days. Although the walls of the city were lined with these sort of things, promotional write ups of everything from tantra to Rieki, this one jumped out at me. So like a good modern girl, I took out my phone and snapped a picture. 

Following a hand written map, I eventually found my way to the workshop. It took several hours and many wrong turns under the blistering sun, but I was determined. Something in me said I needed to go this. During the first day during lunch, a woman who was photographing the experience was seated next to me. We began talking before she paused and presented me with a question. 

"Have you ever heard of Theta Healing?" 

"No. What's that?"

"It's a healing modality that a friend of mine practices. Her name is Maluca and she is here in India. You have the same crazy look in your eye as her." 

I laughed. I had never thought about practicing any sort of energy work before. I remember my mom suggesting that I could be a yoga teacher back in the early 2000s. When I only did yoga because I knew it burned calories. Naturally I rolled my eyes in response. 

"I bet you that you will be practicing this healing modality one year from now." she told me, so sure of herself. 

I smiled and said ok. After jotting down our experience in my journal, I added her on Facebook and never saw each other again in person. During the next few months, I kept hearing about this woman and her healing. The desire to meet Maluca was building, as most of my trip had felt like an alternate dimension of synchronicity. Two months in, I arrived to the city that she was staying in. Running into The Art of Love teacher in a coffee shop, I asked if she had seen Maluca. 

"Yes she's here. She is staying in this guest house somewhere way up in the mountain. I know her training starts soon." 

"Ok. I'm off to find her then."

"But how will you do that? This is a big city!"

"I just will," I said, knowing that our paths would cross. 

"Ok. Well just so you know, she is with a woman with blue hair. I hope that helps!"


I walked out of the shop and turned to see a woman with bright blue hair.

"Hi! Are you Maluca's friend?"


"I want to take her course!"

"It starts tomorrow morning. Why don't you go up the mountain now with my friend and meet her."

To make a long story short, this was the beginning of my Theta story. Under Maluca's guidance, I began learning how to work with energy. I continued on with training back in LA, expanding my knowledge and intuitive abilities. This particular modality is similar to hypnosis, in that it works with the subconscious to clear out things that are no longer serving you. It also focuses on the chakras, negative emotions, past lives and traumas. Since our thoughts create our realities, this modality goes in and clears out anything getting in the way of your dream life. It is great for addictions, emotional issues, codependency, low self esteem, phobias, fatigue, depression and manifesting. 

After giving sessions to many friends and friends of friends, I felt ready to offer my services to a healing center up the street. On the day I got hired, I took out that original journal from India. The entry said this:

"I met a woman who told me about this thing called Theta Healing. She predicts that a year from today I will be practicing it. I have no idea what she is talking about."

Even I was a little shocked when I read the date- it was exactly one year later. 

Kenna Conway