I feel like the word gratitude is everywhere.

From social media challenges to blog posts to hashtags, the idea of saying thank you has spread through our lives like wildfire. And it makes sense- being grateful is an essential component to living a good life. It helps to raise one's vibration and is a key ingredient to manifesting prosperity. Think about a person you know who exudes appreciation towards every aspect of their life. Not only are they filled with joy over the littlest of things, but they possess a certain sort of magnetism that draws people and opportunities towards them constantly. 

When it comes to a gratitude practice, most people are familiar with journaling. This includes a morning or evening list of all of the things one is grateful for that day. A friend of mine did this on a blog for a year and said it changed her life. I do it from time to time, usually when I am feeling sad or caught up in things that don't matter. It's like working out- you always feel better after doing it. Since we are heading into the holiday time, when it's easy to get stressed about family, travels and gift giving, I wanted to offer an additional practice. One that can be done from the comfort of your bed.

Upon waking in the morning, imagine surrounding yourself with a white orb of light. Take a couple deep breaths in and out, focusing your attention on this movement. Now begin to visualize everything you are grateful for. Go slowly, imaging each aspect one by one. If it's a partner, see him/her in your mind and feel the way they make you feel throughout your body. Continue on, experiencing the love and appreciation deeply. Once your list is completed, say a big thank you and open your eyes. 

(This can also be done before bed, as a way to take in all the beautiful aspects of your day.) 

Photo: Lani Trock

Kenna Conway