broken silence pt. 2

"it matters what voices you listen to, it matters what books you read, it matters what you buy, what you do with your money if you have it and how you interact with those who don't have it, it matters who you surround yourself with and why, it matters where you put your life labor, it matters where you put your love labor, it matters where you put your creative labor and what you create and why, it matters what you let into your life and what you are willing to live with, it matters what your relationship to the planet is or isn't, it matters how you respond to danger at the door...even if it's at your neighbor's door." - Lidia Yuknavitch

(Continued from previous post)

But simply supporting the actions of others from afar wasn't enough- I was needed as an active participant of life. Although this outcome seemed like the worst option possible, I knew that Trump wasn't creating the hate; he was simply revealing it. Of course he was drawing it out and making these sort of gross beliefs and behaviors acceptable, but it wasn't new. It existed before he ever began running for office. And since I know that things must come to the surface in order to be healed, I believe that this is the dark before the dawn. What I don't know is how long the dawn will take to arrive and what atrocious things could happen in the meantime. 

So what does this mean on a micro and macro level?

How do we proceed forward, working together to create the greatest amount of peace and change for all?

The art of escapism must transition into the art of awareness. Mindless consuming has proven to be deadly, to both the people and the planet. It is imperative to apply knowledge and consciousness towards our spending habits. I think it starts in our homes. We must address our daily actions and lifestyle choices- the products we buy, the causes we support, the clothes we wear and the food we eat. We no longer have the luxury of turning our heads. If we see something that is wrong, we will speak out about it. Instead of criticizing, we can use a clashing of belief systems as an opportunity to teach.

But what if you feel consumed by fear or desperation?

There is always a way to channel negative emotions into agents of change. Anger has helped to propel me forward at times, even though it doesn't always feel great. I encourage feeling all of your feelings fully. Use the energy behind the harder ones as fuel.  This way we can be clear, intentional and focused. Making service a priority, we can live through and for the community, opposed to serving the self's desires and comforts. 

On a bigger level, this time requires us to stay in motion. To truth tell and strike clear boundaries. To resist the things that are going on within our government and on our planet. It requires us to be creative, both in an artistic and practical way. Great art can serve as a medium through which powerful activism can take place. Creating is the antidote. Connecting is the antidote. Being alive and in your power, acting with courage, speaking your mind, slaying through the illusion of separation and holding a high intention for your life and the life around you can and will create ripples of change. 

To finish this off, here is a gorgeous essay on post election times by my Portland friend, Daniel- 

Latency Period: SHEHECHIYANU by Daniel Elder 


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