list of lovely #5

The latest in what's keeping me excited...


Radiant Human - A look into the popular aura photos popping up at events all over town. 


Sounds Good - Hosted by Branden Harvey, this uplifting podcast left me inspired. 


Mystic Mamma Calendar - Mystic Mamma is where I go for most of my astrological information. The creator just released a 2017 calendar, featuring her original collage art and astrological dates. It's beautiful!


Lindsey Thornburg Cloak - I got the chance to meet Lindsey at Secular Sabbath in DTLA. She flew out for the event and had a few of her unique cloaks on display. Feeling inspired after a trip to Peru, she reached out to Pendelton to ask if she could use their blankets for her idea. After a lot of persistence, she was able to be the first person in over 100 years to to use them for a design. My favorite styles are Black Los Ojos and Stella Maris. A wish list item for sure!


Photo: Lindsey Thornburg

Kenna Conway