list of lovely

Welcome to the very first List of Lovely. Here is what I've been into lately...

1. Rebecca Solnit - I came across this author through a quote someone posted on Instagram. After googling her, I was hooked. Rebecca's words read like music, full of lyrical prose and fluidity. An insatiable curiosity causes her to weave together story after story, reminding us how everything is connected. Blending history, poetry, philosophy and metaphor, this author creates a single thread in a unique way.

I recommend The Faraway Nearby & A Field Guide To Getting Lost. 

"I am, we each are, the inmost of an endless series of Russian dolls; you who read are now encased within a layer I built for you, or perhaps my stories are now inside you. We live as literally as that inside each other's thoughts and work, in this world that is being made all the time, by all of us, out of beliefs and acs, information and materials. Even in the wilderness your ideas of what is beautiful, what matters, and what constitutes pleasure shape your journey there as much as do your shoes and map also made by others." - RS


 Luminous Playsuit- I'm thinking this could be perfect for teacher training weekends and early morning meditations. I'm all about that comfort. 


 Calm - I've been using this on the daily to soothe anxiety. 


Sun Potion Chlorella - Mixed into water and swallowed with a funny face in the morning, or used as an alien mask before bed. 

Kenna Conway