list of lovely #2

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! 

Can you feel this one? I sure can. This moon feels moody to me. A desire to both retreat and be wild in the world at the same time. I am planning to do something for it. Maybe a tea ceremony or a trip into the woods to call in some things. I will surely be calling in safety and peace for Standing Rock. I hope you will, too. 

Here is the latest list...

1. Lightworker's Shawl - As a fan of anything cozy, I picked this up while I was in Ojai. Hand-loomed by Tibetans in Nepal and made from New Zealand sheep wool. It offers a neutral color and a fabric that doesn't itch. I'm sort of a freak about how things feel, so I promise this is a good one. 


2. Freedom - A moving piece by Elena Brower. A woman who brings light into my life each and every day.  


3. Christy Dawn Jumper #1 and #2 - Coveting these because comfort and the 70s. 


4. The Queen Mary - If I can get my friends to go, I will be there. 


5. Standing Rock- Various ways in which you can help:








Photo: Huner Saleem

Kenna Conway