what would you do if you knew that it would all be ok? 

what does that feel like when you close your eyes, sending awareness into the body?

can you listen 

to the simple beat of your heart

the in and out 

of your breath

rising and falling


ruly repetition 

guiding you back

towards trust 

time and time again

take a seat on the floor, preferably near a window with light streaming in. let it warm you. sit in a cross legged position and place you arms on your legs, palms to the sky. close your eyes. let it all wash away. the dreams from the night before. the day that went wrong. or right. all of the feelings. so many feelings. sensations. flavors. textures. 

be with yourself. watching the air come in and out. seeing thoughts come and go. catch and release. unwinding into presence. pure. focused. here. now. 

how long has it been since you listened like this? it is so easy to take in everything and everyone but ourselves. the world and our phones and our partners and our friends. negativity. drama. the constant loop of toxic thinking. 

when it all falls away, what shows up?

from a place that is higher than ordinary living


ask to be emptied. silent prayers for self. to enter the void, only to then enter everything. 

leaning into the listening, what do you hear?


photo: Lani Trock

Kenna Conway