Hi, I'm Kenna. Welcome to my cozy little corner of the web.  My name translates to "born of fire" in Gaelic. And while I am a triple earth sign, passion is the force that fuels my life. Kenna is a medium for questions to be asked and stories to be told. Through storytelling and sharing, this space can be a portal into healing, creativity and holistic living. My offerings include spiritual insight, interviews, art, kundalini yoga and meditation, conscious fashion and round the world adventure. My hope is that by exploring what excites me, it will then incite inspiration within you. 


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I am originally from New York, which reveals itself through fast walking and a sarcastic sense of humor. I moved to LA at 17 to attend UCLA for theater, only to drop out after a year. A traditional education may not have been my thing, but I was definitely into Southern California; it's been my home base ever since. My initial love of words expressed itself through poetry, only to then transition into creative non fiction. Friends say I have the heart of a journalist, often asking the sort of questions that other don't. I am endlessly fascinated with the human condition. Eye Am Beautiful was created to quench this inquisitive thirst.


Learning the importance of living from the inside out came through struggle- sickness of the body and of the mind. I was introduced to the power of herbs as a little girl, filled with allergies and constantly sick. Yoga and meditation came into my life as a way to soothe depression and anxiety. My early 20s were filled with parties and travels, a time where the spirits of youth and shadow ran wild. This led me to search for deeper meaning, heading out on a four month solo journey in India. In many ways, it feels like my journey into world of wellness was accidental. But then again, I don't really believe in coincidences. 


Overall, I am here to explore the art of living in a truthful manner. I aim to find balance between the spiritual and material, the masculine and the feminine. I strive to live in the spirit of creativity, always. And I hope to elevate those around me while doing so. 








Kenna Conway


Photo by Lani Trock

Photo by Lani Trock