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Hi, I'm Kenna. My name translates to "born of fire" in Gaelic. And while I am a triple earth sign, passion is the force that fuels my life.


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I am originally from New York, which reveals itself through fast walking and a sarcastic sense of humor. I moved to LA at 17 to attend UCLA for theater, only to drop out after a year. A traditional education may not have been my thing, but I was definitely into Southern California; it's been my home base ever since. My initial love of words expressed itself through poetry, only to then transition into creative non fiction. Friends say I have the heart of a journalist, often asking the sort of questions that other don't. I am endlessly fascinated with the human condition. Eye Am Beautiful was created to quench this inquisitive thirst.


Learning the importance of living from the inside out came through struggle- sickness of the body and of the mind. I was introduced to the power of herbs as a little girl, filled with allergies and constantly sick. Yoga and meditation came into my life as a way to soothe depression and anxiety. My early 20s were filled with parties and travels, a time where the spirits of youth and shadow ran wild. This led me to search for deeper meaning, heading out on a four month solo journey in India. In many ways, it feels like my journey into world of wellness was accidental. But then again, I don't really believe in coincidences. 


Overall, I am here to explore the art of living, creatively and holistically, in a truthful, grounded manner. I aim to find balance between the spiritual and material, the masculine and the feminine. And I hope to elevate those around me while doing so. 








Kenna Conway


Photo by Lani Trock

Photo by Lani Trock