Hi. I’m Kenna. I suppose I could have written this in the third person, but let’s face it—I write my own copy. I’m originally from New York, spent the last 13 years in Los Angeles and now currently live in Bali. I’m an artist and a guide to others, assisting the collective through my writing and healing work. My goal is to create an intersection between creativity and healing. Science and spirituality. Body, mind and spirit. 


I studied at UCLA’s Theater, Film and Television School, but left after a year for a more unconventional education: traveling the world alone, taking on a variety of jobs and exploring my own shadows and darkness. Writing has been with me since I was a child, but I started working professionally around 25; a weekly column on women with great style gave me my start.

Since then, I have worked for online magazines and other publications, as well immersing myself in copywriting. I’ve been lucky enough to work across industries, taking on clients such as Rihanna, HelloSociety/New York Times, Red bull, Vital and more. 


When it comes to healing aspect of my work, 'guide' feels like the appropriate title. This part of my story started at 26 during a long journey in India and has continually expanded and grown ever since. I studied with a wide variety of teachers there and then continued my training back in Los Angeles. Most of my work with people is done one on one, over an extended period of time and I liken it to therapy with a twist—check ins, hypnotic reprogramming and somatic work.

Essentially, I hold space, listen, ask questions and work with the subconscious & the body in order to take people closer to freedom—freedom from thoughts, limiting beliefs, old stories, traumas and negative emotions. Thanks to the power of neuroscience, we now know that what we practice, we become.




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Photo by Lani Trock

Photo by Lani Trock